For more than a quarter of a century, fitness equipment manufacturer BODY BIKE and BIRN have enjoyed a close partnership rooted not only in business, but also in a shared ambition for sustainability and innovation.

Since the beginning of BODY BIKE, BIRN has been the preferred development partner for cast iron solutions. For 27 years, BIRN has supplied flywheel, crank and pedal arms for all BODY BIKE spinning bikes, playing a key role in the development of the bikes through expertise and innovative solutions. According to CEO of BODY BIKE, Uffe A. Olesen, the collaboration with BIRN is characterized by mutual trust and continuous development:

- We have great trust in each other, and BIRN has over the years helped shape our products with a special focus on innovation and optimization to create the perfect spinning bike, says Uffe A. Olesen. Olesen, who also says that the two companies' ambitions within sustainability in particular fit well together.


Sustainability – A basic requirement

BODY BIKE has been working with sustainability for several years and is committed to minimizing its carbon footprint, for example the BODY BIKE Smart+ Forest Green spinning bike, which is made from 25 percent recycled ABS plastic, and the BODY BIKE Smart+ Ocean IX model made from plastic from recycled fishing nets.

SMART PHANTOM BLACK-1It is crucial for BODY BIKE that their partners share the same sustainability ambitions, and BIRN has proven to be the perfect match. Circular processes are deeply rooted in BIRN's production. 93 percent of the material BIRN uses to produce cast iron components is made from recycled materials, such as scrap iron, shavings from its own machining department and briquettes made from steel wire from used car tires.

- All cast iron parts in every BODY BIKE - across all our models – are made of recycled cast iron materials and produced by BIRN. This equates to 35 kilo of cast iron per bike, says Uffe A. Olesen and continues:

- Recycling and circularity are important parts of our own production and strong selling points for our own customers. In this way, the collaboration with BIRN is a combination of business success and shared sustainable ambitions.


ULDALL accelerates processes

BODY BIKE is a pioneer in the development of fitness equipment, and with their latest addition, the BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom, BODY BIKE is once again setting new standards for spinning bikes. BIRN has developed and delivered new flywheel and crank tailored to the new Phantom model, but BIRN’s subsidiary, the iron foundry ULDALL in the Danish city Vejen, has also had a hand in the development.

1712822491224The new bike was presented at the FIBO trade fair in Stuttgart on 11th April 2024. To be ready in time for the launch, the prototypes for the newly developed flywheel and crank were produced at ULDALL. ULDALL are experts in the development of highly complex cast iron components in small series. Their specialized and flexible foundry production enables them to offer 'Fast Lane Prototyping', delivering finished cast iron prototypes within 2 to 4 weeks, including thorough quality control in their own laboratory. ULDALL were thus able to quickly produce finished and quality assured prototypes which were then transferred to series production at BIRN's factory.

- BIRN is the parent company of the BIRN Group, which consists of a total of six companies – each of which is deeply specialized in its field of cast iron solutions. The collaboration with BODY BIKE is a great example of how we can utilize the synergies within the BIRN Group to create even more value for our customers, explains Jens Ravn, Key Account Manager at BIRN.


Uncompromising quality

BODY BIKE does not only demand sustainability from its suppliers. Quality must also be paramount. In the collaboration with BODY BIKE, BIRN has focused on developing cast iron solutions with long durability and reduced weight.

- In addition to professional advice and sparring, BIRN has from the start delivered quality products that fit perfectly into our ambition to produce spinning bikes of the highest quality, explains Uffe A. Olesen.

BIRN is also very pleased with the long-standing partnership with BODY BIKE and is looking forward to the launch of the BODY BIKE SMART+ Phantom spinning bike. 

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